New Exhibitor Application Only for IAHE 2015 Convention

This is an application only for new exhibitors at the Indiana Association of Home Educator's(IAHE) 2015 Convention. The 2015 Convention will be at Indiana State Fairgrounds(ISF). Complete details on the convention may be found by clicking here.  Completing this application does NOT constitute acceptance of exhibitor to exhibit at said convention.  Such acceptance will come in the form of an invitation to the email address included with this application.  At that point, exhibitors who are accepted for exhibition at Convention 2015 will be asked to complete an actual exhibitor registration form and submit payment via online checkout or by mailing a check.  You will not be asked to submit any payment with this application.

Exhibitor Rules and Regulations

Booth Content:

The IAHE is a Christian organization. As such, it is our desire to keep some degree of uniformity and consistency between our convention workshops and our Exhibit Hall offerings. Although we do not require that our exhibitors and/or advertisers subscribe to the IAHE’s statement of faith we do request that our exhibitors not display materials and products that would conflict with it.

All materials/products exhibited must be generally acceptable to Christian home schooling parents. Examples of inappropriate material (but not limited to) include those promoting evolution, secular humanism, witchcraft, and the occult. The IAHE Convention Committee will determine the acceptability of exhibitor materials. The IAHE Convention Committee consists of the IAHE Board of Directors.

The speaker/exhibitor agrees to remove any materials deemed inappropriate by the IAHE Convention Committee.

Exhibitor Booths:

Regular Booth: $280(Early Bird); $310Thereafter
Each regular booth is 10’ X 10’ with an 8’ high back drape; 3’ high side drapes and includes an 8’ skirted table with two (2) chairs and an ID sign.

Corner Booth: $410(Early Bird); $440Thereafter
Located at the end of an aisle, each corner booth is 10’ X 10’ with an 8’ high back section, a 3’ high side drape and includes two (2) 8’ skirted tables with two (2) chairs and an ID sign.

End-cap Booth: $920(Early Bird); $980 Thereafter 
Located at the end of an aisle, each end-cap booth is 10’ X 20’ with an 8’ high back section and includes 4 (four) 8’ draped tables with four (4) chairs and an ID sign.

*Mini Booth(New for 2014 replacing the Info only): $140(Early Bird); $155 Thereafter                                                                                                  Each mini booth is 5' X 10' with an 8' high back drape, a 3' high one side drape only, 2 chairs, ID sign, no table, a 1.5' x 4' table can be purchased if needed

*The IAHE will have available at a reduced fee a limited number of mini booths for ministries(non profits) and young entrepreneurs. As titled these booths will be mini(5' X 10'). 2 chairs and one side 3" drape provided, a 1.5 X 4 table can be purchased, the IAHE suggest you bring your own card table with cover.


Early Bird Pricing will end December 31, 2014.


Exhibitors reserving multiple booths will have the 3’ dividing sections removed from inside borders of their booths.

Exhibitors are permitted to bring other tables or display racks as long as they will fit inside the allotted booth space(s). No exhibit is permitted to extend outside the designated booth area without IAHE permission.

The Exhibit Hall coordinators will make booth assignments.

Electric Service: $45

Fee covers entire time at convention. One 120V duplex outlet provided per Exhibitor. Extension cords or power strips are not provided by the IAHE. Access and connection may not be shared with other exhibitors or with anyone else.

Internet Service: $30

Fee is per exhibitor and covers entire time at convention. For light email use, light web surfing, and processing credit card transactions, etc. Absolutely no video/audio streaming or other high bandwidth applications are allowed. Access and connection may not be shared with other exhibitors or with anyone else.

Exhibitor Lunches:

Box lunches can be purchased for $8.50 each and will be delivered to your booth between 1:30pm - 2pm.

Exhibitor Booth Guidelines:

The IAHE reserves the right to refuse any exhibit for any reason, and all decisions made by the committee are final.  All vendors must include a detailed description of the products or services with their application form. Failure to provide the description will result in the processing of your application being delayed until we receive such description.

Only one type of booth per company will be allowed in the exhibit hall. Individual book or product duplications are permitted (i.e., two bookstores carrying some of the same titles). The IAHE Convention Committee will make the decision as to what could constitute an unacceptable duplication.

Exhibitors may not share booth space, electric or internet with any other company or organization; nor display materials for another company or organization without the written consent of the Exhibit Hall coordinator.

The IAHE does not allow raffles at this convention. Door prize drawings are permitted.

Exhibitors with music or audio/visual sound must maintain the level so that sound is not audible 8’ from the booth.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in or in the immediate surrounding area of the facility.

Exhibit Hall Set-up:

Thursday, March 26, 2015: 1-8 P.M.

Friday, March 27, 2015: 8-9:30 A.M.

Exhibit Hall Hours:

Friday, March 27, 2015: 9:30AM - 6:30 P.M.

Saturday, March 28, 2015: 9:30 A.M. – 6:30 P.M.

Exhibitors are expected to man their booths during the entire time the exhibit hall is open.

Exhibitor Name Badges:

Each booth rental includes four(4) name badges, which allow for admission to the exhibit hall and must be worn during the entire convention.

Exhibitor Workshops:

We have a limited number of exhibitor workshops available ($125 each). These will take place in  rooms on the first floor of the exhibit hall.

Children & Young Adults:

The IAHE continues to allow and encourages exhibitors to bring their children with them. Please be aware of the following rules:
  - Children under 13 must be kept with parents/older siblings at all times.
  - We offer many workshops that will be of interest to young adults. If you or any of your family members are interested in attending these workshops, please register on our website.

Licensing & Taxes:

All exhibitors are responsible for their own licensing, collection and payment of taxes on all sales. For information and proper forms, go to Indiana Department of Revenue: or call (317) 233-4015.

Exhibitor Confirmations/Cancelation Policy:

Confirmations will be sent the beginning of September 2014.

Exhibitor cancellations of paid applications received or postmarked prior to December 31, 2014, will receive a 75% refund of booth rental space and demo fees.

Exhibitor cancellations received or postmarked after December 31, 2014, but prior to January 31, 2015, will receive a 50% refund of booth space and demo fees only if the vacated space is resold.

No refunds will be issued after January 31, 2014.

Rules of Engagement:

Speakers/exhibitors will not criticize other speakers/exhibitors, the Convention, the facility where the convention is held, the IAHE Convention Committee or the IAHE to other speakers/exhibitors and/or convention attendees.

Concerns or criticisms, if any, are to be made to the IAHE Convention Committee. 

The Convention Committee reserves the right to refuse any advertisement or exhibit. All decisions by the Convention Committee are final.

The IAHE and ISF assume no responsibility for speaker/exhibitor inventory, materials, or equipment on the site of the IAHE Convention.

Speakers/exhibitors agree to hold the IAHE and ISF harmless from any and all liabilities from any cause; and agree that the IAHE and/or ISF shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, or injury that may occur to the exhibitor, their employees or property from any cause whatsoever, prior, during, or subsequent to the period covered by this contract.

The speaker/exhibitor, upon signing the Exhibitor Application, expressly releases the IAHE and ISF from and agrees to indemnify same against any and all claims for such loss, damage, or injury.

This contract takes effect in Indiana when accepted by the IAHE and is governed by the laws of the State of Indiana and the United States of America. The Federal and State courts of the state of Indiana shall have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any non-arbitrary dispute arising out of this contract.

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